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    On behalf of clients we have secured the allocation of many sites for development in local authority development plans. A strong knowledge of strategic development in the areas we operate often helps to secure allocations and we regularly make representations to local planning authorities during the preparation of their plans. Our thorough knowledge of planning policies also means that we are often asked to find a developer or promoter who will proactively promote our client’s land.  Our aim is to find the right company to promote land in order to realise opportunities and exploit the planning process to crystallise development value and maximise the return to our clients.


    Once we have clarified your objectives and researched interest from the market, we will negotiate on your behalf to establish an appropriate deal, be it promotion agreement, developer option or another structure which meets your needs and protects your interests. Our expertise can take you through the entire development process avoiding pitfalls and working with lawyers and accountants to maximise returns and minimise tax bills.

    We do not seek instructions from developers and our focus is always on maximising the return to our client.

    Planning Promotion Case Study

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    Planning Promotion Case Study

    The Sly family instructed Bletsoes to promote their land to the south of Thorney, Cambridgeshire for Residential Development. Bletsoes initially made representations to Peterborough City Council for the inclusion of the site in the Development Plan. Unfortunately the land was not included in the first draft of the Local Plan but Bletsoes analysed the Local Authority’s Assessment of the site and were able to challenge a negative Highways Assessment from the Local Highway Authority. Following the submission of the technical analysis to the Local Authority, PCC accepted that the site was capable of development and that it had no technical constraints and a Local Plan allocation for 60 dwellings was secured.

    Having secured the Allocation, Bletsoes started to work on the submission of an Outline Planning Application. Through Pre-Application discussions with the Local Authority it became apparent that an alternative development proposal might be considered which would include a new access and an increased number of dwellings.

    When considering the Landowners’ land holdings, a strategic view was taken that opening up a new access route would open up the opportunity to bring forward further development land in the future. A key element to the application process was liaising regularly with the Community (including a Public Exhibition) and ultimately securing their support for the proposals. An application was submitted for 91 dwellings, including a large newly created parkland area and new access point and approved unanimously by the development control committee at Peterborough City Council.

    Bletsoes are now promoting a Phase 2 proposal through the current review of the Peterborough City Council Local Plan. The Phase 2 Scheme comprises approximately 50 dwellings on 2.56 hectares of residential development land accessed through Phase 1 (the new access point having been crystallised through the Phase 1 Planning Application process). The Phase 2 Scheme has been selected as a draft allocation in the Emerging Plan which has recently been subject to an Independent Examination in Public.

    This Case Study provides a good example of how Bletsoes are able to take a strategic view of the Promotion of clients’ land for development. It also highlights how persistence is crucial when dealing with Local Authorities and the planning system generally.

    Involving local communities at the earliest stages can also be rewarding and beneficial for a client with strong links to the local community. We are now working with the Landowner’s other professional advisers regarding the disposal of the land phase 1 site and a sale has been agreed to a house builder.

“Bletsoes successfully secured our land for residential development with planning permission for 91 dwellings. They then marketed and sold the land to a house builder. Bletsoes are now working on phase 2. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

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