Strategic Business Planning

  • Strategic Business Planning

    Success starts with a company’s ability to know itself.


    Business Reviews, Business Appraisals and Strategic Business Planning are all terms we recognize, but what do they actually mean and should you be doing them?


    From country to country and industry to industry, success or failure is built on a company’s ability to primarily know itself. Combining this with industry expertise is the starting point to help unlock the potential of your business.


    Often, we are too close to a problem to even see it, let alone know how to tackle it. Rather than looking at individual issues, at Bletsoes we start by looking at your business data to identify and understand the whole picture. We use our considerable industry knowledge and expertise to evaluate the information and then we come up with solutions.


    The process involves evaluation and assessment, business planning and implementation. Depending on how much information you have readily available, we can offer a full, hands-on service or provide you with guidance on how you can create the strategy for yourself.

  • Strategic Business Planning Overview

    • Evaluation of historic performance and profitability
    • Production of budgets and cash flows
    • Benchmarking of similar businesses
    • Consideration of all assets such as surplus buildings for commercial lettings
    • Consideration of farming practices and other potential opportunities or limiting factors
    • Production of ideas and solutions to maximise the performance of your business
    • Business plan creation
    • Planning applications
    • Grant scheme applications
    • Project delivery and on-going advice

“Chris provides an excellent service, helping with numerous matters affecting our diversified farming business. He is easy to get along with and importantly gets the job done.”

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