Farming Agreements

  • Landlord And Tenancy Advice

    Well versed in agricultural tenancy law, our service to both landlords and tenants includes rent reviews, succession and end of tenancy compensation. We also advise clients on disputes,  lease renewals and dilapidations. Working to your objectives and ensuring tenancy obligations are met, freeing up time for you to do what you do best.

  • Contract Farming

    Contract farming offers many diverse opportunities for agri-businesses. Whether your objective as a landowner is that you do not wish to undertake the day-to-day farming operations, or as a potential contractor you wish to build your business without the need to invest in more land, improve efficiency or to focus on a new direction, contract farming can often be a solution.


    For the contractor, agreements can bring a certain level of guaranteed income, with the potential for bonus, without financial obligations relating to rent and land ownership; and for the farmer both time and capital can be freed up, without losing control of the day-to-day decision making.


    Bletsoes can work on behalf of farmers and contractors, finding a partnership that works well for both and assisting in the set-up and on-going management of the agreement.

  • Joint Ventures

    Covering a wide range of agreements, joint ventures are a way of pooling resources and cutting costs by harnessing greater economies of scale. The most recognized ventures focus on machinery, but can also include land, livestock and even staffing.


    Our teams specialize in understanding mutual objectives, ensuring that both parties achieve maximum lasting benefit.


  • Farming Agreements Overview

    • Landlord and Tenant advice AHA and FBT
    • Rent reviews, succession and end of tenancy claims 
    • Contract farming agreement advice, contract set-up and management
    • Joint venture advice, contract set-up and on-going management
    • Business partnership advice

“We have used Bletsoes for years’ on lots of matters, but mostly in respect of agricultural tenancies and subsidy applications. Chris is thorough, commercially focused and cost effective.”

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