Farming Equipment & Technology Fund

New round of Farming Equipment & Technology Fund (FETF)

With DEFRA currently producing new information on the rollout of new and existing grants available to farmers and landowners, we have now had information on the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund as part of the Investment Fund available in England for farmers, foresters, and growers.  


Grants are available between £1,000 and £25,000 for equipment that assist in improving land’s productivity, sustainability and to improve animal health and welfare on farm. The new round of grants for Productivity and Slurry items under FETF will open towards the end of February, while Animal Health and Welfare items will open in March, following on from a successful first round in Late 2021.


Annexe 3 and 4 outline eligible items of equipment that are available, with a few examples including:

  • Direct Drill with Fertiliser Placement 3m – this would contribute up to £25,000 based on an estimated cost of £68,000.
  • Robotic Silage Pusher – this would contribute up to £5,800 based on an estimated cost of £14,500.
  • Heat and Service Detector – contribute up to £438 based on an estimated cost of £1,095.
  • Badger Proof Lick Holders – contribute up to £68 based on an estimated cost of £170 per holder.


Funding will be allocated on a score assigned basis in relation to how well the applicant meets the scheme’s objectives. As part of the second rollout, the list of items available within the grant has been significantly multiplied, including 66 more items to support animal health and welfare, as well as 19 to aid productivity and 2 items to support slurry management.


DEFRA strongly advise that, should applicants have not been successful in receiving funding in the first round of applications, they should not be deterred in applying again for this second instalment. Each item is given a clear grant value, and following a successful application, the item can then be bought, with the grant money being paid after the item is received and installed (where applicable). It is encouraging that the second rollout of FETF has been issued, and we look forward to providing further guidance on the future of ELMS as we transition away from direct payments. Should you wish to discuss this grant scheme or any others, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Agricultural Team on 01832 732241.

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