Wild Bird Licences

Wild Bird Licences

Natural England withdraws licences permitting landowners and farmers to kill wild birds


Natural England has now withdrawn three of the general licences permitting farmers and landowners to control wild birds. These licences include:


  • GL04: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to prevent serious damage or disease
  • GL05: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to preserve public health or public safety
  • GL06: To kill or take certain species of wild birds to conserve wild birds or flora and fauna


Natural England has issued a Guidance Note with three options for those that wish to resume control of certain bird species:


1. Wait until a new general licence becomes available to cover your circumstances. New licences are due to become available over the next few days/weeks, and the following has already been published:


  • GL26: Licence to kill or take carrion crows to prevent serious damage to livestock including poultry and reared gamebirds


2. If you need to act sooner, you can apply for an individual licence from Natural England, available on the Gov.uk website


3. If you need to take urgent action before receiving an individual licence, you can use a notification system by contacting Natural England directly


Further information can be found at


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