Countryside Stewardship Revenue Payment Changes

Countryside Stewardship Revenue Payment Changes

DEFRA have recently reviewed the Countryside Stewardship Revenue Option payment rates based on changes in the agricultural market. The new rates will apply from 1st January 2022. Compared to when the rates were set in 2013, there has been an average increase of 30%, however the changes vary for different options.


If you currently have a Countryside Stewardship agreement in place, or your agreement starts on or before the 1st January 2022, then where the new rate has:


  • Increased, the new higher rate will be paid
  • Decreased, the existing higher rate shown on your signed agreement will be paid
  • Not changed, the existing rate shown on your signed agreement will be paid


Changes to some of the more popular revenue options are outlined below:


Option Code

Revenue Option

Old Rate

New Rate


Nectar Flower Mix




Basic Overwinter Stubble




Flower Rich Margins/Plots




Two Year Sown Legume Fallow




Management of Hedgerows




Take Field Corners Out of Management




Permanent Grassland with Very Low Inputs




Legume & Herb Rich Swards




Take Historic & Archaeological Features out of Cultivation




4 – 6m Buffer on Cultivated Land




12 – 24m Buffer on Cultivated Land





For many farmers who are part of Countryside Stewardship, these payment increases will go some way to offsetting upcoming losses from the BPS payment. If you haven’t already, it is worth considering applying for a Countryside Stewardship Application this year. The application window is due to open in February, and the Agricultural Team would be very happy to assist you with an application so please get in touch.

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