Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme

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New small grants government initiative announced for farmers

Claim window open until 14 March 2018



The “Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme” delivered by the RPA is a new scheme, with a simplified online application process. In this round of applications (Closing on the 14th March 2018) there is £15,000,000 available nationally to farmers. The grant is open to farmers in the arable, dairy, horticultural and livestock sectors however agricultural or horticultural contractors are not eligible.

Under the Small Grant Scheme there is funding available for specific items of machinery, falling in to the following categories.

  • Cattle Specific Equipment including mobile handling systems and heat detection systems.
  • Sheep Specific Equipment including handling systems and electronic weigh crates.
  • Pig Specific Equipment including handling systems and piglet creeps.
  • General Livestock Equipment including EID hand held devices.
  • Precision Farming Equipment including a variety of GPS based systems.
  • Resource Management and Efficiency Equipment including shallow injection systems.
  • Other General Equipment including seed drills and Humidity Controls for grain drying.

This grant is available only for the specific items of machinery listed in Annexe 3 of the Countryside Productivity Scheme Small Grants Handbook ( There are however over 60 items included on the list, so it is worth looking through to see if there is anything your farm would benefit from.

For this scheme there is a pre-determined Standard Cost, of which up to 40% can be claimed for. The remaining 60% of the cost must be privately funded. The idea of using a Standard cost is that it saves applicants from having to supply quotes – thus making the scheme much easier to apply for than the other grants available.

You can apply for multiple pieces of machinery under the small Grants Scheme, which should ideally all be related to a specific aim for your farm e.g. increasing efficiency or improving human safety. The minimum grant claim is £3,000 and the cap is set at £12,000.

You must not have placed an order, paid a deposit or paid in full for items you are seeking funding for until after the grant is approved. The deadline for applications is 14th March 2018 so you would hear back hopefully by May 2018. You must then buy and pay for the machinery in full 150 days after your grant is approved in order to be able to claim back the costs from the RPA. Therefore you can not use this on hire purchase or leased machinery.

If you have a larger farm improvements scheme in mind, the Rural Development Programme

for England (RDPE) Countryside Productivity Scheme – Improving Farm Productivity is open for applications until 3rd December 2018. This scheme has a minimum total scheme cost of £87,500, of which 40% can be claimed as grant funding (£30,000). Further information is available in the scheme handbook (

This is just a brief overview of the grant funding schemes available, and the Agricultural Team are happy to further discuss this or other grants with you.

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