BPS 2018 Updates

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BPS 2018 Updates

With the BPS Application Period fast approaching, please find below various updates in relation this year’s claims:

Land Use Screen

This page is now live when you log on to your BPS Applications on the RPA website.

You can now view the Land Use screen and start to complete the data prior to the application window opening, however 2018 mapping changes are still being undertaken by the RPA until mid-March so please be aware that some mapping changes may still occur.

Active Farmer Test

There is no Active Farmer Test this year, however the IT system has not been updated so applicants will still need to click the ‘No – I qualify as an active farmer’ button before submitting their application.

Mapping Changes

The RPA have previously said an RLE1 Form must be submitted to revert changes, however for more simple changes which don’t require a sketch map (like reverting an ineligible feature or land cover) the RPA are planning to set up a phone line for applicants to ring up and action the change.

Some Mapping Changes have meant field parcels have been merged. This may have been due to a gap in the boundary hedge of more than 20m between the parcels. If the applicant wishes to split these field parcels out again, it is advised to put stakes/posts in the hedge gaps to define the boundary to prevent this happening in future years.

Hedge Layer

I new Hedge Layer will be added to the online land viewer. The land parcels will be pre populated with hedge data from 2016 applications and the measurements will show in a table on the land view page. This table will also tell you if the hedge is eligible for EFA or not. If however, these pre populated measurement are incorrect, an RLE1 form must be submitted to amend them.

Application window opens on 13th March 2018

Deadline Date 15th May 2018

If you have any queries regarding BPS, or would like assistance with your 2018 Application, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Agricultural Team on 01832 732241

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