Countryside Stewardship Offers

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In January 2018, a new simplified Countryside Stewardship Scheme was made available to farmers and land owners, which is simplified, easy to apply for and non-competitive. The new scheme aims to make the process quicker and easier in a bid to appeal to a wider range of applicants, in the hope it will deliver a wider range of environmental benefits. There are four new Countryside Stewardship offers available;

  • Lowland Grazing Offer
  • Online Arable Offer
  • Upland Offer
  • Mixed Farming Offer

Each of the offers include a package of options from which farmers can choose, so they tailor the agreement to the holding. Within the offers, applicants can choose from as little as three options, making the scheme seem less onerous than the larger Mid-tier and Higher-tier schemes which are both competitive and more demanding in terms of options. The options for the new Stewardship offers coincide with the existing options available under Countryside Stewardship agreements, making the process more familiar. SBI’s with under 100 land parcels can apply for the arable offer online which will save vast amounts of valuable time for farmers and land owners. Each of the four offers include annual payments for a 5-year agreement period whereby agreement holders will be paid based on the options chosen. Detailed below are the application windows for each offer.


Offer Application Window Opens Application Window Deadline
Online Arable Offer 20th February 2018 31st July 2018
Lowland Grazing Offer 15th January 2018 31st July 2018
Upland Offer 15th January 2018 31st July 2018
Mixed Farming Offer 15th January 2018 31st July 2018


There is detailed information available at GOV.UK regarding each of the four new offers, including information on eligibility and scheme requirements. Application packs for the different offers are available upon request from Natural England. If you would like more information on the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, or would like to talk through the possibility of applying, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Agricultural team at Bletsoes who will be happy to help.

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