Thursday’s Prices


Thursday 19th October 2017


New Season Lambs – SQQ 172.45p/kg All In 168.25p/kg 

32.1kg – 39kg to 200p/kg £75.00 to Average 178.76p/kg or £67.56

39.1kg – 45.5kg to 198p/kg or £87.00 to Average 171.74p/kg or £74.91

45.6kg – 52kg to 196p/kg or £90.00 to Average 165.37p/kg or £79.77

52kg + to 171p/kg or £93.00 to Average 163.89p/kg or £88.71


Cull Ewes to £84 to Average £48.91

 Cull Rams to £79 to Average £30.67


For more information please contact a member of our Auctions Team on 01832 732241 or use the links below to email a team member:

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